Good business practices
are important

It's more than just knowing an industry

Running a business isn't simple, but it also isn’t magic. It’s a skilled trade, like any other. The work that I do and the things that I recommend are rooted in years of training and experience.

I was basically born into business in the graphic arts industry. I have over 20 years of experience in all facets of advertising and running a business. My father worked in the industry, so I grew up playing with graphics software and learning about business. I went to school and took Business Administration to learn all facets of smart business practices. 

Before going solo 14 years ago, I worked in both small and large ad agencies, printing companies and at a number of clients’ companies. I’ve done everything from sales, estimating, managing budgets, production management and electronic art production. There are not many job roles that I haven’t been involved in, so I understand all aspects of projects from concept to completion. I’m a self-starter, and constantly looking to hone my skills and broaden my depth. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are I’ve done it.

After years of helping friends and family with tax filing, I started to also work with small business’ to manage their bookkeeping. I’m certified in Quickbooks Online and have been using Quickbooks Desktop to manage my business ever since I started it.

I work from my home office in Kelowna, BC assisting various sized clients located here, in Calgary and all over Canada. I have my CAAP designation (Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional), which is a recognized industry standard in Canada, designed to reflect the complex business challenges of the marketing communications industry.

I live in Kelowna, BC with my husband, Robert, and cat, Tigra.